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CEO AWARD - Team Beachbody Awards

CEO Award
This honor is bestowed upon a Coach specifically selected by Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler. The recipient of this award embodies our core values and mission. This can be a Coach of any rank or tenure, but someone who truly sets an example in all aspects of Coaching and leadership.

This award is announced at Summit CELEBRATION and the recipient is brought on stage in front of the entire Beachbody family.

CEO Award Recipients:

2009 - Doug Fitzgerald

2010 - 

2011 - Hillary (Kelly) Plauche

2012 - Jeff Armbruster

2013 - Trina Gray

2014 - Christine Dwyer

2015 - Danielle Natoni

2016 - Melanie Mitro

2017 - Kristina Delgado

Listed below are the CEO AWARD Recipients on the Platinum Presenters Team.



2011 Recipient:

Hillary (Kelly) Plauche






2013 Recipient:

Trina Gray



2014 Recipient:

Christine Dwyer 

 (Also the recipient of the Leadership Award in 2009)




2015 Recipient:

Danielle Natoni



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