Find out
  • How the company was started & future Growth with being a publicly traded company on the NYSE (BODY)
  • How Coaching supports your health & fitness goals all while helping others
  • Difference between a Preferred Customer or a Coach
  • Growth of our LIVE Workouts Platform BODi alongside with our partnership with in home cycle company MYX Fitness
  • Nutritional Products, Workout Programs, Trainers, In Home Cycle's & more!
  • What to expect, How do you earn as a Coach, What do you do, 
and special discount bundles to help you get started now!



8:30pm EST  / 7:30pm CST  / 5:30pm PST



  • January 6 - Presented by 9 Star Diamond - Angie Green
  • February 3 - Presented by 15 Star Diamond II - Christine Dwyer
  • March 3 - Presented by  
  • April 7 - Presented by 1 Star Diamond - Kara Churchill 


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What is Beachbody's Preferred Customer & Coaching Opportunity? _____________________________________________ If you'd prefer a recording to watch now - CLICK THE LINK ON THE LEFT ___________________________________________ LIVE Every 1st Thursday of the Month!


Frequently Asked Questions

ANYONE! You can make this decision yourself and sign up today! We strongly encourage those to join the coaching business who have a strong desire & passion towards a healthy lifestyle, improving their quality of life, and in helping others do the same. This is a home based business, where you act as the “go-to” person. It also allows you to have a "done for you" business model and training system to grow a solid income & business. You don’t need to have certifications, degrees, or years of experience to do this. You can be a fan of fitness, working your way through your fitness journey, or even a fitness professional. There are no requirements to be a coach as well as no obligation to develop a business with it. You can simply be a coach for the 25% discounts.

This is up to you! There are no obligations as a Coach and what you do on a daily basis it completely up to your goals, vision, and passion. Everyone signs as a Coach and holds the same opportunity to create income, but you'll find different "kinds" of Coaches. 1- Coach just for the Discounts 2 - Coach for the Discounts, Accountability, & Helping Inspire others. 3- Part Time Business Building Coach: developing support for those on a fitness journey as well as developing a small team of others doing the same. 4- Full Time Business Coach: Supporting Customers in their fitness journey, Developing a Large team of other coaches in leadership, marketing, branding, and professional skills as an entrepreneur and business owner. What remains the constant amongst Coaches is that they focus on 4 Vital Behaviors each day. 1- Use products & system for healthy & fit success 2 - Invite others to be included in this opportunity 3 - Personal Development & Quality of Life Betterment 4 - Recognition & involvement of success in others.

At Coach Status, You can get paid weekly commissions when your customers buy Beachbody products and On Demand memberships through your website. There are multiple streams of bonuses and income generating activities as you create a team and leadership within the company. But in a nutshell: 25% commissions on any customer purchases, Team Bonuses each weekly on your team's product volume, and Check matching bonuses on your team's weekly check (team cycle bonus portion) **Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income. This is all dependent on the effort, level of work, and skill produced by each coach.

Not at all—the fact is, just about everybody already wants to get fit or lose weight. And our products can get them there—we have thousands of real-life Success Stories to prove it! To be a successful coach, is best to NOT try and sell people on products. Be honest. Share your experiences and your journey. All you are doing is offering a possible solution to a problem. Identifying where you can help someone achieve their goals is best when you are genuinely interested in asking questions and helping support others.

It costs $39.99 USD to join as a Coach. That includes your first month’s Business Services Fees and your Coach Business Kit, which comes with an on-boarding training & set up system to get you started. OR JOIN FREE! - Join as a Coach and have your Coach join Fee waived FREE if you choose a "Challenge Pack" Bundle during the enrolling process. These Challenge Pack's are discounted bundle packs of workouts, On Demand, and Shakeology/ or Performance Supplements. *You can only purchase this challenge pack at this discount as a Coach during the enrollment process. The Business Service Fee is the monthly cost of maintaining a Coach position to maintain your 25% discount & opportunity to support a business. This fee will begin after 30 days of joining as a coach. The fee is $15.95 USD, $17.95 CAD, or £15.95 GBP per month and it includes: • A Complete Website with continuous updates on products, services, and support for your customers -Up to a 25% discount on products purchased through your Team Beachbody website • Coach Business Online Office which has reports, customers, emailing system, product training & information, media for marketing, training and more to help each Coach monitor, maintain, and grow their business. Military Waiver: United States military service members may qualify to have their BSF waived.

Once you become a Beachbody Coach, you’ll be part of a whole network of successful Coaches who have years of experience and success. Your primary source of training, mentorship, guidance, and support is with your Sponsor Coach. This is your direct go-to and your first point of contact for all training and support as a coach. You’ll also get full access to your online office, which has everything you need to market and manage your business with ease—including your own sales website and email account, a full set of sales and marketing tools, and extensive training guides and videos. In addition, our Coach Relations team is available to answer your questions via email or over the phone.

Setting up and customizing your Beachbody Coach Website is low-tech and simple! We provide you with an easy to-use system that allows you to add text and photos (or you can just use ours), and you can choose from a number of Beachbody marketing banners to help make sure your site is viewed.

Currently Coaching and the Sale of products to Customers is available in these locations: USA, USA Territories, Military locations, Canada, United Kingdom, and France can sign up as a coach. Beachbody has plans to extend the opportunity to numerous other countries. (timing not defined)

Beachbody would hope that you are "a product of the product." That means that you believe in and personally use the products that you are selling. It would be challenging to ask someone to buy something that you don't use yourself. Beachbody does requires you to have 50 volume points per month to be considered an "active coach". Being an active coach is only important if you plan to increase your earning potential more than just commissions from customers. Those volume points come from products that you personally purchase or products that your customers purchase. If you have 1 Shakeology Home Direct customer then your 50 volume points would be covered and you would not have to purchase anything to maintain active status.

Yes. You can cancel in your first 30 days, and be completely refunded the first months fees. There is always a 30 day money back guarantee on all products and the coach opportunity. However, if you decide you want to rejoin, you will lose your seniority position and level you were once in the company as well as have to wait a 6 month period from cancellation before you can re-join with a new sponsor coach. If you'd like to rejoin with the same sponsor coach you were with, you can do this at anytime and do not need to wait the 6 month cancellation grace period.

Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.