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Leadership Award

Leadership is one of the most important pillars of success at BODi and the outcome of great leadership creates more exemplary leaders.

Once a year, around Summit time, the executive team at BODi highlights a Partner whose leadership skills have influenced others and illustrate the organization’s goals and best practices.


This can be a Partner of any rank or tenure, but someone who stands out among the organization. This award is announced at Summit CELEBRATION and the recipient is brought on stage in front of the entire BODi family.

Leadership Award Recipients:

2009 - Christine Dwyer

2010 -

2011 -

2012 - Jenelle Summers

2013 - Saudi Almonte

2014 - Brigitte Linford

2015 - Saudi Almonte

2016 - Leslie Kortes

2017 - Emilie Robidas

2018 - Miguel Carrasco

2019 - Robb & Chelsea Pearson 

Listed below are the recipients of the Leadership Award within

the Platinum Presenters Team.

2010 Recipient:

Christine Dwyer

(Also the recipient of the CEO Award in 2015)



2012 Recipient:

Jenelle Summers







 2015 Recipient:

Leslie Kortes




2016 Recipient:

2017 Recipient:



2018 Recipient:

Robb & Chelsea Pearson 



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