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About Us

"It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going." - Brian Tracy

Platinum Presenters is a team within the Team Beachbody Coaching Opportunity, founded by Superstar Diamond II Coach, Christine Dwyer, joining May 31, 2008!


Beachbody has been the #1 home workout company starting their company in 1997. With the huge success of their workout programs helping people achieve insane results with their fitness and lifestyle products, Beachbody decided to expand their "customer support" but forming a network marketing division of the company, Team Beachbody.

This would allow customers who were already supporting and helping others have the same success they did with the products now become independent contractors with the company to develop their own business, team, and income within the Team Beachbody home business opportunity. 

Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity formed early 2007. 

Some Coaches within the coaching network decide to form a subculture and team name.

This is what Christine chose to do as well when she joined as a Coach. 


Founding Platinum Presenters Teammates, June 2008.




Many members of the team just had a love for living healthy and fit, and wanted to share it with others!

Also, many founding members of Team Platinum Presenters had previous experience in home business development, public speaking, professional development, and social media/brand marketing training.  


Experience, degrees, licenses, or certifications are not necessary or required to become a Coach with Team Beachbody.




It is a start where you are and learn as you go opportunity!





Members of Team Platinum Presenters continue to develop their skills, entrepreneurship, and connections by frequent professional development by attending conferences, mentorships, and programs. Some of the experts/mentors that have influenced the team include: 

  • Business & Life Expert, Social Media Expert, & Fitness Celebrity, Chalene Johnson
  • Motivational Speaker, Career Development Expert, & Best selling author to over 70+ books, Brian Tracy
  • Network Marketing Consultant & Expert, Craig Holiday
  • Social Media  Consultant & Speaker, Diane Hochman
  • World's leading High Performance Coach & Bestselling Author, Brendon Burchard
  • Former NFL Athlete, Broadway Playwright, International presence/story Coach, Bo Eason

Additional Experts include:

Tiffany Lee ByMaster, James Wedmore, Darren Hardy, Roger Love, Ray Higdon, Jessica Higdon, Mari Smith, Natalie Jill, Brett Hoebel, Lewis Howes, and many other experts in their respective fields!


If you are looking to accept that there is a bigger picture for you, that your dreams can actually become a reality, and that you want to put health as your number one priority, please allow us to assist you with getting started on your journey! 




Contact Us for Support: [email protected]


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